The Photographer In Me

Honest there is one. He just doesn’t come out very often.

I was working my way through old photos on Flickr last night when I came across one that illustrated my photography ‘pedigree’ in such a way that I had to share it with you. Before we get to that however a little history. When I was six my parents gave me an old Kodak 110 film camera which I loved to pieces but I think in all the years I had that I only ever actually took about three rolls of photos with it as I spent most of my time opening the back to trick it into thinking there was a film wound on so that I could press the shutter release and hear it *click*. My brother later got my parents disc camera which caused some jealousy issues but I got over that. I know I had another camera between then and getting my Canon Sureshot for my 21st birthday but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. My parents bought one of the first ‘decent’ digital camera whilst on holiday one year and I was always stealing it. By decent I mean it had a 1.3 million pixel sensor and I could draw pictures quicker than it could save photos to it’s internal memory. I’ve since moved on to bigger and better cameras but that is where I’ve come from.

For years I would watch Blue Peters photography competitions and wonder why I couldn’t do it. Looking back at this photo though you can see why. I suffered from, and still do, holiday-snapshot-itis. At least 99.995% of all my shots come out looking like someone took it from the inside of a half empty beer glass.

My Room circa 1998click for bigger image

I had one wall in covered in photographs and I was very strict with how good they had to be before I would put them on that wall. If you look closely you can plainly see even the non-snapshot photos are of the same quality as my snapshots.

Looking back at the photo though it’s basically my life at that time in miniature. From photos of ex-girlfriends and holidays in Majorca to drunken snapshots of my student days and of the hours I would spend in the evenings playing football. The shelves hold everything from my Pratchett and Gemmell books to my MTB glasses. I still cannot remember the hi-fi that is in the bottom left of the photo. It was before I bought my JVC so I’m assuming it was my dads old one with it’s turntable and CD player but I don’t actually remember ever having that one.

Anyway…I thought I’d share.

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