Shockwave – The Dresden Files Campaign Part 1

Considering tonight was the first night we’ve ran a gaming session in a very long time I think it went well. A few lessons to learn however. I didn’t have the full compliment of players though as Willie had to stay home and watch his kids.

Player one, who we shall call Mark as that is his name, is running a wizard called Jim. He is sort or a deputy warden for Glasgow but isn’t at all confident of his powers needing to base his powers on scientific principles in order to be able to cast anything.

Player 2 is Dave, a complete novice at tabletop rpgs. He is playing a human university lecturer who Jim goes to for help with his science work and also does some work on the side for Strathclyde Police.

Player 3 is Alex who again is a complete novice. In Alex’s case he is an ex-banker who has found faith of some kind and developed a hatred for all things bank and money related.

The session started with Alex trying to stake out his old work place, The Royal Bank of Scotland on Queen Street, and generally pushing his new found powers. He ran in to some trouble with the security guards where his powers were were evident in the police reports that found their way to Mark’s character. Long story short after tailing each other they made contact and had a chat in Costas at Royal Exchange Square after a body was found in Sauchihall Street and the police sealed it off. The body had been injured in the same manner as five prostitutes that had been found dead over the previous couple of weeks.

Dave’s char had been asked by the police to find a way to replicate the injuries as the only explanation they had for every bone in the body to be shattered and for the internal organs to be mushed was for the body to have fallen from a commercial airliner flying at 33,000 feet. Damage to the surrounding area didn’t match up with this theory though.

Mark and Dave went to the morgue to examine the new body. The only difference was the general health and appearance of the latest victim. She had been identified as the boss man from the RBS’s daughter rather than a prostitute. Mark cut some hair from each victim and wiggled his fingers over a compass and map to find out where the victims had been killed. They were located in a big circle around the city centre with the latest victim being at the central point. Using the last of the hair Mark managed to look back at the last couple of seconds before the most recent body was found. It appeared from nowhere 6′ in the air unharmed and dropped to the ground where the damage appeared. Looking into the area where she appeared Mark could feel that a portal had been opened but it wasn’t one that he could reuse.

Alex tried to get back in to his old work to find out if it was indeed the boss’s daughter that had died and was turned back at the front door when the security guards confirmed it. That morning both Alex and Mark had photofits of themselves in the national press after being photographed at the seen the previous day and CCTV footage picking them out as staking out the head office over previous weeks. Alex countered this by buying new clothes and shaving…

Just as we were finishing up lighting struck the Botanical Gardens as Mark left the grounds of Glasgow University after seeing Dave. He went in to investigate and found a woman fighting to large men in the disused low level train station below the gardens with a glowing sword. just as he let of a flash of light to distract them she felled both the bodies and ran off. After losing her in the dark Mark retuned to look at the bodies only to find them gone. Radio reports later reported two male bodies found on the Clydeside with the same injuries as the prostitutes.

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  1. m0ok says:

    Was fun, even if I’m not completely sure what we’re doing yet. :)
    m0ok´s last blog post ..The First Rule of Fish Fight

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