30 Day Song Challenge – Day 06 (A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere)

This one is tough. To me songs remind me of events or people but very rarely do they remind me of places. I think this one counts though.

When I was 19-20 I went camping up the North-East coast of Scotland. We hired a van and filled it with camping gear and bikes and headed off. We spent a couple of nights in Glen Etive before the rest of the guys joined us and we headed up to Skye. After a long day we parked up and camped at the base of a mountain a few yards from the water. It was great place to be. We had took a CD player along with us and after everyone had got too drunk to care what was being played I would put on my CD full of celtic music. At least I thought folk were too drunk to care. The one track that I remember being on the CD was Lough Erin Shore by The Corrs. This was back before they had a single top 40 track to noone knew anything about them at the time.

Anyway we woke up the next morning and Paul had some trouble getting the van out of the mud at the side of the road. He had to rock the van back and forward on one section a few times to get out. It looked like he could have got out on the first attempt but he didn’t. Once we were under way I noticed my CD was missing and asked the guys about it. They all said they didn’t have a clue where it was but as we were due to head back past the campsite on the way off the island after lunch we’d stop and check there in case I’d forgot to pack it. When we got back I jumped out the van only to find where Paul rocked the van was a shattered CD. Sitting perfectly on a rock yards away from the campsite. Not only had they took offence to my choice in music but they had stole the CD and drove over it multiple times all while I was sitting in the passenger seat.

Looking back…I can’t blame them.

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