30 Day Song Challenge – Day 09 (A Song That You Can Dance To)

OK I’m changing this one a little. Get a drink in me and I’ll dance to almost anything as can be proved by the years 2001, 2002 and The Cathouse Nightclub. I also do not have a clue how to dance properly to any song. It is true that in the Autumn of 2001 Dermot, Forbes and T managed to teach me how dance to Ice Ice Baby but I required vast amounts of cider before attempting it. So for the change I’ll go with a song that I’m happy to dance to whilst sober and believe me that brings the list down to only a few songs.

The honour of today’s choice goes to Party At Ground Zero by Fishbone.

I have a huge issue with either being the centre of attention or making a spectacle of myself in public. Both of which I feel I am if I dance in public. Over the years I’ve got over that hurdle by drinking an awful lot alcohol when I’m in nightclubs. I get tot he stage where I feel a little like I’m made of rubber but can still keep a beat going and then strive to retain that level of drunkeness all night. To much and I fall over and too little and I start to feel self concious on the dance floor.

As time went on though I used to go out on Sunday night to The Cathouse in Glasgow where I new most of the punters, the staff and the DJ’s. If you went in early enough you could request almost anything and get it played on the one condition that you got up and danced to it. It got to the point where we would be walking in at opening time and this song would already be playing and so before we could even make it to the bar to order our drinks a few of us would be on the dancefloor already. Even now if I hear this song being played all these years afterwards I’ll be on the dancefloor no matter how sober I am.

I’m not entirely sure what this level of alcohol consumption says about that period of my life… :)

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