30 Day Song Challenge – Day 11 (A Song By Your Favourite Band)

Your going to get tired of this answer over the 30 days. Ask me right now what my favourite band is and I’ll say Tool. Ask me in an hours time and I might say Metallica. Ask me tomorrow once I’ve had a cup of caffeine and I might say Green Day. Ask me when I’m lying in bed trying to unwind and I might say Zero 7. It’s all going to come down to how I’m feeling at that particular moment in time.

Right now it’s Tool so here is the video for Stinkfist.

I was sort of a late comer to Tool. I’d been listening to them for many years before I found out who I was actually listening too though. It wasn’t until Lateralus came out that I enjoyed them with a name and back catalogue to go with it. When they came to play at the Barrowlands in support of the album it was possibly the turning point of my relationship with music. Up until that point I would go to any ska/punk/rock/nu/metal gig I could get a ticket for and jump about like a loon at the front of the crowd. With this gig I stood at the back with the grown ups and realised what I’d been missing. I’d been following the beat and the baseline at gigs, screaming out memorable choruses and going with the crowd. That night at the gig I heard everything. I seen everything as well which was a change. Usually I would be front and centre but unable to see more than two feet in front of me unless I looked up.

Tool are more than just about the music. Their stage show is like a portable art installation that just happens to bring along it’s own soundtrack. Now when I listen to the music I hear more than just a melody or a catchy baseline. I can feel the layers and almost see myself back at the gig and overloading my senses.

That sounds a lot like a pile of wank but it’s the only way I can describe it.

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