30 Day Song Challenge – Day 19 (A Song From Your Favourite Album)

A relatively easy one to pick. The album at least if not the track.

Green Day’s album Dookie basically defines a part of my life and my musical tastes like no other. To this day I still carry a copy of it wherever I go. When I was younger I had a taped copy for my walkman so that I could listen to it whilst going to university every morning or to work every night. The CD sat as a permanent fixture in my hifi’s CD changer. Even now the mp3′s sit on both my player and my phone. Only Metallica’s Black album and Therapy?’s Troublegum come close.

The song choice this time comes from my hours of study/gaming that I did in my room after work with MTV or The Box playing in the background. At that point in time you very rarely seen live concert footage being used for a music video and the antics of the crowd as well as the band at Woodstock ’94 always put a smile on my face.

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