I wanna be a tree

I’ve never been a fan of most of the trees I see on wargaming tables. They always either look like rows of identical bottle brushes dipped in green paint or just look like a lump of plastic that no one took any care or consideration when making the mould. I’d always liked the trees from the railway exhibitions I used to go to as a child but the thought of making my own terrified me.

That was until Alan gave me a bunch of Woodland Scenic tree armatures. I already had a bag of foliage sponge from yesteryear when I bought it to use a clumps of shrubbery on a my 40k battlefields so I put the two together and they have came out fantastic.

They are so simple to make. You bend the branches until they look suitably tree shaped and if you so desire add some fine wire on the ends to give it more detail. I then went against the advice on the packet and didn’t glue the branches before dipping them into a bowl of foliage. Instead I used some craft glue and picked out the bits of foliage I wanted and glued them on exactly where I wanted them. I based the larger ones on 60mm bases I had lying around and the smaller ones went on to the spare 30mm bases I use for my markers and decorated them up with the same flock material as my boards and gave the larger trees some more decoration with cat litter and balsa wood.

Next up I’ll probably make up another set of six trees and base them up in the same way. I’m also going to make up some base plates for the trees to go on to signify woods on the board without filling them full of trees. A large irregular base plate covered with sand/PVA glue mix and then painted brown should suffice with the edges picked out with the green flock. Once that’s done I should be all set for trees for this board and can start looking to the next project.

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  1. Hammer says:

    You should keep an eye out for model railway magazines with guides for tree making. They sometime have fantastic tips for using natural materials or giving a more natural look to model trees. There are also a few companies, which generally focus on railway supplies, that do brilliant clumps of foliage and plants which would look great round the base of the trees.
    Hammer´s last blog post ..Choosing the Right Components: Holding Out for Haswell

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