My One Page Dungeon Entry

Quite a few folk have been taking part in ChattyDM and Chgowiz‘s competition and now that the deadlines past they a few of the entrants are making their contributions public. So why shouldn’t I join them.

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Due to my well publicised break from blogging these last few weeks I’ve had very little time to get anything written but whilst at the hospital I was sneaking away for 5-10 minutes at a time to use my PDA to draft up my entry. It really needs a lot more work done on it for it to work well as a stand alone ‘dungeon’ but as part of the campaign setting it works really well and it’s prompted me to write up a couple of thousand words. Not bad coming from a couple of sentences to use as the background for the entry.

There are a lot of things missing from this dungeon such as decent traps and something other than straight forward puzzles but then again without knowing the history and reason behind a lot of the rooms they are just empty space in this incarnation. This will be changed for the setting however. It’s a complete mishmash of druidic/celtic/viking history and legends so don’t get upset if any of it isn’t perfect as far as authenticity goes.

So yeah if you want a quick look at the entry I put in you can get it here. If you can think of any improvements then please let me know.

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Giving Back To The Readers

Got to keep this RPG related so the network won’t have a heart attack!

Right well as we all know our blogs are effectively like little communities with conversations going on after each post and we all have out favorite hang outs. Thanks to the guys that bring you the CommentLuv plugin we can now give back to that community.

Andy has set up a contest for anyone that uses the plugin on their blog to ‘reward’ their readers with prizes. The full low down can be found here. what it basically boils down to is anyone that is registered on the CommentLuv site and comments on a CommentLuv enabled blog that is registered as a participant of the competition has a chance of winning something for every comment they make. It all seems relatively easy so go register and see if you can win something for us RPGers.

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