The Evil Eye

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my old gaming club before and what happened as it broke up but for those that missed it here is a brief recap.

In the beginning there was the original band of brothers that learned the true meaning of power gaming and the phrase munchkin. Then there was my brothers group of friends who I started gaming with so that they had a GM for their group. When I was sixteen I signed up for the new gaming group that was being organised by our FLGS but it wasn’t until I was leaving school at eighteen that I decided to actually go along. I brought along some of my brothers group and one of the players from my original group expecting to find this huge club. When it originally started they were getting something like 20 members coming along every night but when we turned up they had six players. By the following week my players accounted for two thirds of the club.

After a year or so the rent on the room we had in a local school became that high we couldn’t justify the expense so we went through a stage of hiring local community halls and when we knew the numbers would be low holding the sessions in each others houses. At one point myself and a few of the othe more experienced gamers were asked along to the original groups Saturday night World of Darkness game. This ran for a couple of years but eventually both the club and the Saturday night group disbanded. One of the original players ran off to Ireland to get married and never came back and a few others had to get night shift work. We went back to playing as an amalgamation of my first group and my brothers friends after this and very rarely seen any of the old club members.

On occasion we’d see Geordie out at the Cathouse Rock Club on a night out and I’d bump in to one of the Ian’s every so often purely because I’m sort of related to him in a “his brother is the father to my cousins who’s mother is my mothers fostered sister” kind of way. But that’s it. Or was until last night.

I was at our local shops buying a few essentials for dinner when I realised the guy in front of my was our old DM and club organiser. Apart from aging a few years there was really no difference and whilst I do have a beard these days it’s hard to not recognise me either. He stared indifferently around the store but when he seen me you could see his brain working overtime and then became a little hostile. What the hell had I done? Did he mistake me for someone else? I was sure the group disbanded on good terms but obviously there was something not quite right there.

I did have many happy memories of those gaming sessions but this morning I’m struggling to remember even one of them. Nothing happened other than being given an evil look, in fact if he’d have been a vampire his eyes would only have flashed red, but it’s still left a bad taste in my mouth. I know folk have problems with players or DM’s that just don’t get on with their groups but I’m failing to make much sense this morning of what happened. It was a complete non-event but it’s still had an impact on me.

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I don’t have any today. My mind keeps flitting between things and bright lights are distracting me all to easily. I could be sitting in the middle of something important and I’ll get up to get a drink of water and an hour later I’ll remember what it was I was doing and have to go back and try and find where I left off.

Not so good when you’ve got wet paint around the house :S

The date for my echo came through as a month earlier than expected and I’ve got a meeting at work tomorrow to dicuss my phased return which will probably start on Monday. This is going to be weird.

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