Site Move

For those that are interested I’ve finally moved this blog from a subdomain of my personal blog to it’s own shiny new domain at

A few things broke during the transfer but hopefully I’ve got the feed back up and running and most of the graphics. I know the banner over at the RPG Bloggers network is down but I’ve sent them a wee email with the new address as the old file is refusing to play ball tonight.

Anyway I have children to attend to and a house to clean before my wife gets home from her night out. Who’d have thought it would take the best part of 6 hours to trasfer a web site!

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And we’re back!

Just a quick update to fill those in that have wondered where I’ve been for the last month.

Basically Mark, who hosted my blog, had a server with a company that went under and its taken us this long to get things in shape to restart this place. Thanks to a reformat of both my home and work PC’s earlier this year I lost all my up to date backups but I’ve got old entries from Jan 2005 – July 2007 with comments and the rest are being transfered over from Livejournal without comments. Unfortunately it also means the entries from Aug 07 onwards have a stupid wee box at the top that makes no sense on here as its a notice to LJ users to come here to comment rather than do it on LJ.

The place will be a bit of a mess for a wee while but it works again :)

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