Spammity Spam!

I know I don’t get many comments here but a few days ago I got his with a metric fuckton of spam that was that bad our host actually shut down my site until I could make a few changes to shore up the defences.

One of the things I disabled was comments but they should hopefully be back to normal now. We’ll se how things go on the spam front though :)

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Anti Spam Software = Fail

I’ve only just managed to check over the back-end of the blog after a week or so of modems blowing up and PC’s dying. My new laptop should be here tomorrow hopefully or the beginning of next week at the very latest so normal services should resume very soon.

Anyway the point of this post was to apologise to the handful of folk who had posted entries to the blog carnival but who’s posts never made it past my spam filter. They were hidden amongst 30 odd spam posts but I’ve sorted them out now and they should be showing. I can’t believe it’s been so successful this month. It just seems to get bigger and bigger as each month goes on.

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