The Simple Traps

Very recently I found that a group of folk from my office take time out once a week to run a game in our canteen over lunch. They don’t run in my social circles so I’ve never really talked to them or managed to work out what system they actually use. Apart from dice they only other things they have on the table are their lunch and their character sheets. The DM must run a system simple enough to play from memory.

ANYWAY… Today I overheard possibly the funniest encounter I’ve overheard in a long while. They are playing what appear to be vampires in a modern day setting that sounds more like True Blood than WOD Vampire.

One of the players was following someone into a kwikimart style shop but didn’t want anyone to know he was there so turned into a shadow and followed the next customer in through the sliding doors. I missed what actually happened as the canteen queue had moved by this point but on the way back I could see the player was getting very frustrated.

by akuban @ Flickr

Whilst the player was in the shop the lights went out and everyone ran out the front door leaving the vampire standing in the middle of the shop. With his target gone he went to leave as well only to find the automatic sliding doors wouldn’t open. At first he thought it was a powercut until he noticed the register was still working as were the overhead fans and air con. This was where his problems started.

He followed a belief system not far from The Masquerade and so he couldn’t use his powers in case someone noticed. He was quite happy that he wouldn’t show up on the CCTV cameras but he couldn’t force the door open. He jumped up and down on the door mat hoping to flick the switch to operate the door. He pushed over stacks of beer cans onto the mat hoping to trigger the same switch. It wasn’t until he lit his lighter to double check the lock on the door that it opened. He was going completely mental by this point.

I wonder just how many people that play vampires in roleplay games remember that in most systems they very rarely give off body heat and so infrared sensors will not work for them?

It made me laugh on a day that really needed it so I thought I’d share.

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