*Dusts Off The Books And Dice*

Between work problems, health problems and generally being unable to function whilst at my computer I haven’t been able to get anything typed up and posted. I’m just about able to play World of Warcraft. It doesn’t take much to lie in bed and grind out a few fishing skill raises.

I have  a list of topics the length of my arm that I will get to… honest :)

In the meantime if your on the Balnazzar WoW server and see a guy running about called Dubh then say hi. I might be concious enough to return the greeting.

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Another Look At Informing The Players

I’ve talked in the past about trying out a wiki as a way of recording campaign info as well as keeping the players in the loop and informed about the game. I’ve done a fare amount of looking around other peoples wiki’s and while some work perfectly there are far more wiki’s out there that are very hard to get into and find anything your looking for in them. It’s certainly an art form.

tin can phone

One of the other ways in which some GM’s keep in touch with players is using a mailing list. I have had experience with using one of these before with an Airsoft group I used to be part of and help organise. The one thing mailing lists have over other forms of online communication is that your pushing it onto your readers rather than relying on them coming to your site and reading whatever it was you posted to your wiki/forum/blog. Not everyone is web savy so you can’t guarantee that telling them to sign up to your blog’s RSS feed will work. Bombard them with the info. Where ever you record your campaigns you should also post the meat of the mailing list emails. In fact you could probably go one better and post most of the information and have it link to your wiki where it expands in it. This way you encourage the players to utilise the library of information you’ve collated but at the same time give them what they need as well as the option to read up a little more on it.

So what kind of things can you put in your newsletter? Well yet again the airsoft newsletter that I sent out provides a very good framework from which to start.

  • Brief round up of the last game.
  • Highlighting any problems from previous games and suggestions for fixing them.
  • Brief run down of any site news or rules changes.
  • Start organising the next game day.

Now you can see that right from the off it fits almost perfectly into a campaign update newsletter. In addition to this we could add plenty of information that would be useful to the players.

  • Profiles on prominent NPC’s.
  • Gossip and rumours from about town which may lead to the occasional side campaign if players show enough interest.
  • Myths and Legends from around the region.
  • Information on famous magical items in the region.
  • Player written fiction.

All these things add to the gaming experience and if you can get your players more involved then no one loses.

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System Update

With WordPress 2.7 being released last week I’ve spent the last few days updating the software and trying to update my theme to take advantage of the new features. Unfortunately it beat me but I’ve found an update from the designer that has included the comment upgrades. The downside to this is that the designer has completely rewritten the code and so it’s taking slightly longer than I hoped to get everything working.

I’ve gave up for now as over Christmas I’m doing a major overhaul of the site to fix the bits that don’t really work that well. Hopefully I’ll have the time and skillset by then to get through the new code quickly and get back to writing more posts.

*Edit – 1 hour later*
Somehow the current theme got deleted so I’m having to use the messed up version just now until I can get access to my offsite backup tomorrow. Hey ho :(

*edit – 16 hours later*

It seems my backups are useless for the personalised content so please bear with me while I cobble something together to do me until the update.

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The Things That Should Not Be

The ongoing financial problems in ‘The West’ have made me get my thinking hat on.

Tom over at The Geek Emporium has posted up a couple of entries over the last week that have struck a chord. Even if it’s something I’ve never really done before his latest reply to one of my comments has set my mind racing on a campaign. Whether* I ever get to play/run it is another matter entirely but hopefully I’ll have all the background posted up here so someone can run it even if I can’t.

My own posting schedule is going to be very light this week. Things on the home front are going to be very busy over the next few days so computer time will be very limited but hopefully I’ll have some good news to share about whats going down over the coming weeks.

*As a side note I always spell this word incorrectly. For some reason I always spell it wether which my spell checker highlights as incorrect. Well today I found out that my spell checker is useless as wether is an actual word. Nothing what so ever to do with whether however as it actually refers to a castrated ram. Bit of useless info for you there…

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